Sony films pro BMX rider Kriss Kyle using Xperia Z5

Thomas Wellburn
November 6, 2015

Sony and Red Bull Media House have collaborated on a video project with Scottish pro BMX rider Kriss Kyle.

Sony seems to be pretty happy with the quality of its camera on the new Xperia Z5. So much in fact, that they’ve decided to film a short video for professional BMX rider Kriss Kyle. Shot in collaboration with Red Bull Media House, the short film named ‘Kaleidoscope’ follows Kriss as he ‘pushes himself further than ever’. Featuring a unique moving set that doubles up as a trial run, it’s a cool little promotional short that will definitely help to bolster the image of the Sony handset. The video was shot on location in Glasgow with behind-the-scenes footage taken on the new Sony Xperia Z5, which features their latest IMX300 camera sensor. First impressions are good; the video looks very polished and the post-producers have managed to create a convincing ‘film effect’ with the overall look and feel of the footage. For a smartphone, we have to say it’s impressive.

The video officially drops on November 10th and will be available to view directly via the Red Bull Media House website. They currently have a short 27-second promotional clip that gives a sneak peak of what to expect, so go and check it out!

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