New ‘unremovable’ Android malware discovered

Thomas Wellburn
November 6, 2015

A new type of Android malware has been discovered that can infect up to 20,000 commonly used applications.

Security firm Lookout has discovered fresh malware that infects applications such as Facebook, Candy Crush Saga, Twitter and even Snapchat. It then re-directs users to download a fake version of the same app, though this one comes with the added bonus of some pretty nasty malware. We say nasty because it’s actually impossible to remove, with even a hard reset proving to be completely futile. You only option is to replace the device completely.

The malware will bombard the infected device with various adverts, giving the creators of the virus some revenue for their troubles. The virus seems to automatically embed itself into popular apps, even successfully targeting two-factor authentication software such as Okta. Oddly, the hackers don’t seem to want user information but rather, they just want to make as much money from ad-revenue as humanly possible.

TL;DR – Stop using alternative Android App Stores and stick to the official one!

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Via Lookout

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