Sharp Chop-Syc is a cutting-edge chopping board which uses a touchscreen

Jordan O'Brien
October 18, 2013

We are all so careful with our gadgets, but would you go and use your knife on your tablet? We’re not sure that we would, but Sharp is hoping that you’ll see the light.

The Chop-Syc was dreamt up by Siobhán Andrews who won a competition to become a paid intern at Sharp UK and her imagination ran wild with a scratch-proof tablet that you could use as a chopping board in the kitchen.  The idea behind the Chop-Syc is to not only be a chopping board but also offer advice in the kitchen, with a recipe manager, a scale and a way of visualising exactly what you’re eating and how much you’re going to need.

Whilst it may be a unique idea, with everything embedded in the wooden chopping board itself, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a tablet used as a chopping board — with Sony touting a kitchen version of the Xperia Tablet Z.

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