Set wake-up commands to activate features in S Voice

Jordan O'Brien
July 10, 2013

When the S Voice app is open but not in use, it rests in idle mode and can be woken up with the phrase “Hi Galaxy”. You can change this code and also add four new wake-up commands to instantly activate different features.

[alert type=alert-blue ]1[/alert]Screenshot_2013-05-24-15-15-53Open the S Voice app and go to Menu > Settings. Ensure the box for Wake up command is ticked, then press Set wake-up command.

[alert type=alert-blue ]2[/alert]Screenshot_2013-05-24-15-16-10Alongside the default, there are four opportunities to assign new wake-up commands, with a list of potential features. Tap each one to change the related command.

[alert type=alert-blue ]3[/alert]Screenshot_2013-05-24-15-16-29Choose the feature you wish to be assigned. Think of a voice command, then tap the mic and repeat it four times in succession for it to be recognised.


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