Samsung’s ChatOn on course with 100 million users

Jamie Feltham
September 30, 2013

Samsung has something to beat its chest about this morning. The company is claiming that its ChatOn app, which delivers cross-platform messaging, has reached 100 million users since launching all the way back in October 2011.

The app is supported across all major OSs, including the likes of iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones, along with the Android OS which Samsung itself supports. In fact, you’ll find the app built-in to Samsung’s own Android devices, so this figure isn’t actually all that surprising when you scratch the surface. Current 237 different countries and 63 languages support the instant messenger.

The app is of course just one of many across the whole spectrum of smartphone operating systems, with the likes of Skype giving it stiff competition. Samsung seems happy with itself for now though, so there’s that.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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