Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry combined

Jordan O'Brien
November 1, 2013

We all know Samsung is huge, but how huge do you think it is? Well according to the latest study from ABI Research, Samsung sells more than practically everyone else combined — especially when you add up Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia and Microsoft’s share of the smartphone market.

Samsung managed to capture 35 per cent of all smartphone sales in Q3 of 2013, with Android taking a total of 81% chunk of the smartphone operating system wars. Windows Phone and iOS continue to battle it out, but they lag behind with 4 and 14 per cent respectively. When you combine sales of Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry smartphones, then Samsung still manages to beat the paltry 20 per cent marketshare.

Windows Phone did have a minor victory in all the Android glory, managing to grow shipments 165% when compared to last year’s results — meaning it’s selling double the number of devices than BlackBerry and its fateful BB10 OS.

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