Samsung S5’s storage shrinks, as it is revealed only 10.7GB of its 16GB is usable

Callum Tennent
March 3, 2014

Last week at MWC in Barcelona saw the long awaited unveiling of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy  S5. But you already knew that.

Certainly hyped up to be the must-see moment of the show, many were left slightly disappointed by Samsung’s effort. Not that the S5 is a bad phone, in fact quite the opposite – upon release it will be, more-a-less, the most technically impressive phone out there. The revelation just lacked a certain ‘wow’ factor. There’s very little that’s truly special about the S5, and the technical improvements over the S4, whilst market-leading, are not a huge leap forward.

If Samsung were hoping for some good news to surface once the initial apathy had worn off, they might have to wait a little longer. It has now been confirmed that of the S5’s already meagre 16GB of in-built storage, just 10.7GB is usable.

Yes, the phone’s memory is expandable by microSD card (which Samsung higher-ups suggested users invest in), but for a phone set to cost upwards of £500, why should you have to resort to that? It seems odd that an industry-leading handset, which has failed to really push any boundaries in any other department, should skimp on in-built memory. Lord knows that with a 5.1 inch display the handset is physically large enough to accommodate more.

There is also a 32GB version of the handset, but expect actual usable storage to suffer to similar extent.

At least Samsung’s newest offering does have the capability to handle microSD cards of up to 128GB in size. Perfect if you happen to have an extra £220 going spare.

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