Are Samsung making a phone that rolls into a bracelet?

Ben Rayner
April 8, 2015

Mark this one under ‘may never happen’ but interestingly Samsung have patented their latest idea for the future of wearables and it’s rather cool!

Could you imagine making a phone call only to wrap the handset round your wrist when you’re done? Well thats what Samsung’s new idea is hoping to achieve with an OLED bracelet that can roll and bend to form a phone or sit snuggly around your wrist. The screen would be constructed of a handful of individual pieces, giving it a lot of flexibility without the worry of it breaking.

Patently Mobile, who released the information, hint at a gadget that has so far only been seen in hollywood movies. The device would deal with everything from calls, to web browsing all of which could be displayed right there on your wrist. It could also quite happily playback multimedia, making movies and music even more easily accessible.

Apart from some further details about protection from day to day knocks, the patent seems to still be in its infancy but considering that Apple themselves have also patented a similar product (thanks to Patently Apple for the info) then wearable tech looks like its not only the future, but its going to get a lot more impressive as time goes on!



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