HTC tease a ‘secret weapon’ but what is it?

Ben Rayner
April 8, 2015

It looks like HTC could be releasing a second VR headset to the market, at least thats if any of the teased images are to be believed.

Chief Marketing Officer at HTC, Idris Mootee took to his personal Facebook page to post three images of what looks like a brand new take on VR technology, accompanied by nothing more than the words “secret weapon coming soon“.


It’s a safe bet that the images are in fact depicting a new VR headset as the front even has HTC VR Haptic touch emblazoned on the front. Throw in some integrated headphones on the side bars and it looks like HTC might just be on to something.

Don’t ask me to comment on the final image however, as I’m struggling to see the connection between the headset and a rather futuristic robot taking a selfie.


HTC first dipped its toe into the world of VR back in March, during MWC 2015, where the Taiwanese tech giant unveiled the HTC Vive. In partnership with Valve, the HTC Vive was a Steam VR powered headset that received a slew of positive reviews.

For now this ‘secret weapon’ is open to conjecture, after all Mootee really hasn’t given us anything to go on. Lets hope this is an affordable consumer version of the Vive!

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