Samsung Galaxy SII TV is a smartphone designed to watch TV on the go

Jordan O'Brien
August 15, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy SII is one of Samsung’s most popular phones to date, and it’s no wonder that the company will want to relive that heyday — although the Samsung Galaxy SII TV has little in common with the former flagship.

Featuring a 4-inch display capable of a resolution of 800×480, the Samsung Galaxy SII TV has a little trick up its sleeve — being that it features a small antenna for watching live TV.

The retractable antenna supports the ISDB-T broadcasting standard, which means you’ll be able to watch live TV on the go without it costing you a single penny.

The spec sheet isn’t going to blow you away with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4GB of storage, a 5 megapixel snapper, microSD card slot, a 1500 mAh battery and Android 4.2.2 — but this isn’t meant to be a beastly device.

The Samsung Galaxy SII has been designed for the Brazillian market, and will come with dual-SIM capabilities — but don’t expect to be getting your hands on with the device if you live anywhere other than Brazil.

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