Skype to come bundled with Windows 8.1, Messaging app dropped

Jordan O'Brien
August 15, 2013

Microsoft wants to push Skype even further and it’s doing so by preinstalling the Windows 8 version of the messaging service onto Windows 8.1 and removing the existing Messaging app.

According to Engadget, Microsoft has confirmed plans that it is killing off the Messaging app for good — the app has already been removed from the preview version of Windows 8.1.

Instead you will now have Skype in its place, but it is set to get even tighter integration, with the ability to answer voice and video calls directly from the lock screen.

This was an expected move from Microsoft who has been trying to push Skype over the company’s former Messenger service, which was closed down in April. With the removal of the Windows 8 Messaging app, the coffin is now nailed shut for most of us.

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