Samsung Galaxy Round to be announced this week?

Jamie Feltham
October 7, 2013

Last week’s rumours were all about the curved LG phone, the LG G Flex.

This week it’s seemingly Samsung’s turn to talk curves. The company is rumoured to be announcing its own phone with a curved display, the Samsung Galaxy Round, later this week. A Korean media outlet says as much, anyway.

If true, then Samsung will be beating LG to the punch both with its announcement and, presumably, its release. Again, we’re not saying that the whole phone will be curved and flexible, rather the display itself will be made out of a bendy plastic. This will protect the screen with much more confidence than the regular glass displays we’re used to, and likely end up being cheaper to produce. Spec-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Round is expected to be in the same league as the Galaxy Note 3. Expect it to be more of a phablet, then, which would likely give that bendy screen space to do just that.

It’s also suggested that the price tag will be a little steep, and that the phone will initially be produced in limited quantities.  The cost may be significantly lowered if the company rules out support for its S Pen, which suggests to us that there are issues getting it to work on the plastic.

Look for an announcement hopefully a little later in the week.

Source: via Phone Arena

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