BlackBerry bid – Samsung, Google, more interested?

Jamie Feltham
October 7, 2013

The BlackBerry bid saga saw a new challenger last week, as Cerberus Capital Management was rumoured to be interested in the company. A report published over the weekend is now adding a few more outlets into the mix.

Reuters suggest that a variety of big name tech companies are also interested in taking part in the BlackBerry bid. These businesses obviously aren’t interested in the money so much as the various patents that the company has filed over the years. The list includes the likes of LG, Samsung, Google, Intel, Cisco and SAP. It’s the first time we’ve heard some of the more recognisable names attached to the bid. That said, all those listed have not yet commented on their involvement.

Right now we know that only Fairfax Financial has put forth a bid of $4.7 billion for the company. We don’t know the current status of that deal however, and it may well fall through. We’re expecting some sort of development in early November, if not the remaining days of October.

Source: Reuters

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