Rose Colored Gaming is making a SNES and Super Famicom themed GameBoy Advance

Callum Tennent
July 8, 2014

If you don’t think custom-made consoles are just about the coolest thing ever then you can leave this page right now, because the following images deserve to be appreciated to the fullest.

Rose Coloured Gaming is a master of its craft, and it makes some of the most gorgeous, artisanal versions of your favourite retro consoles. Not just home consoles though, there’s plenty of love for handhelds, too, which is something it has in common with us here at What Mobile.

So, without further ado, we’re very excited to reveal Rose Colored Gaming’s latest upcoming product: Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Famicom styled GameBoy Advances.

Rose Colored Gaming - SFC GBA Rose Colored Gaming - SNES GBA


It’s absolutely gorgeous, no doubt, but the magic doesn’t stop at the super-convincing aesthetics. You also get a backlight built in to the device, which is something the original GBA didn’t feature.

This isn’t some slap-dash aftermarket job though. Every single component used is an original, official Nintendo part. Every piece is painstakingly sourced and integrated into a device which is then built from the ground up. Where parts can’t be sourced, they’re created from scratch using original moulds, so you’re getting a legitimate Nintendo GBA experience, just one that’s a little nicer. Similarly, the paint used is mixed by hand to create exactly the right shade to perfectly match the original console.

Even the boxes look incredible.

And, to clarify, these aren’t emulators or virtual machines. They’re GameBoy Advances, meaning they play GameBoy Advance titles and not those of the home consoles which they resemble.

By now you’re probably frothing at the mouth, clawing at your screen howling for a price, release date and link to buy, but we’re afraid that’s something we can’t help you with. To quote the Rose Colored Gaming site:

We are not currently pre-selling these or any of our other products.   We post regular updates on our  FB page  regarding production of new products.   That is the best place to be for the most up-to-date information regarding when these, or any of our other products, will be up for sale.

Sad indeed, but you can find that Facebook page right here, and if you’re dead set on nabbing one you should keep checking back frequently so that you don’t miss when it goes on sale.

To pass the time you can head over to Rose Colored Gaming’s official website and gawk at its past works. There’s some impressive variety, from Final Fantasy edition Wonder Swan Colors, to light-up GBAs, to a turbo-charged Sega Nomad X.

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