Qualcomm SVP calls for always-on wearables

Jamie Feltham
December 10, 2013

Despite the lukewarm reaction to the Sony Smartwatch and Galaxy Gear, we still think there’s a big future for wearable tech. So does chip maker Qualcomm, although only with specific rules.

Speaking about the company’s recently-released Toq watch, Raj Talluri, Qualcomm SVP of Product Management detailed the importance of always-on displays.

“Sometimes you have to build the whole thing to show what’s possible,” he said. “Qualcomm has a history of doing that.”

The obvious point that Talluri is making is that other smartwatches will turn their screens off to save power when in sleep mode. Qualcomm’s Mirasol technology however keeps the display on at all times with low power consumption. So no need to press a button or tap a screen when all you want to do is check the time.

“It’s actually really nice to have something’s that’s on all the time,” the Qualcomm SVP continued. “You can just take a quick look at it. If you have to go in and touch it, and take a look at it, and do something with it, then I think less and less people would use it.”

It makes sense that the basics of a smartwatch should meet the basics of a, y’know, real watch. Perhaps the much-rumoured iWatch will take this on board too? Then maybe we can start seeing some really popular wearables.

Source: Engadget

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