12 days of Gifts Apple promotion finally hits US

Jamie Feltham
December 10, 2013

On the first day of Christmas Apple finally gave to me… 12 days of Gifts!

Yes, Apple’s popular holiday promotion is back and this time it’s finally hitting the US. 12 days of Gifts is, as you might imagine, over a week of free downloads. They could be songs, games or apps, though it’s up to the company to decide what goes free.

Traditionally the promotion has been open to Europe, Canada, Japan and a few other territories, but this is the first year the US gets in on the action too. It takes the form of an iPhone and iPad app that acts as a portal to your free content, with something new unlocking every day. It can be downloaded now, but the fun won’t start until December 26th. It will then continue to January 6th.

Here’s hoping for free games galore.

Source: Apple

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