Zavvi accidentally sends free Vitas, threatens action to get them back

Jamie Feltham
December 10, 2013

Order Tearaway from Zavvi recently? Then you might be surprised to find you received not just the game, but a PS Vita to play along with it.

No, the company wasn’t visted by three ghosts overnight. Instead this was a simple mistake in which the company sent out a Tearaway/Vita bundle instead of just the game. However its not threatening pursuing legal action to any who try and keep hold of their shiny new system.

A letter issued to customers reads:  “This is our final notice to politely remind you that you did not order, or pay for, a PS Vita and if you fail to contact us by 5pm (UK time) on 10th December 2013 to arrange a convenient time for the PS Vita to be collected we reserve the right to enforce any and/or all legal remedies available to us.”

It’s a bit of a grey area as to what the company can actually do and what the consumer has to do in this situation. We’ll have to see if anyone risks the action in the next few days – although surely anyone that did order the fantastic Tearaway through the retailer already has a Vita to play it on.

Source: Eurogamer

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