PS4 beats Xbox One to BBC iPlayer

Jordan O'Brien
November 22, 2013

Got your new Xbox One but still disappointed that BBC iPlayer isn’t quite ready to launch on the console yet? Should have waited for a PlayStation 4, as we’re hearing reports that the app icon is currently showing up on the PS4, alongside the likes of BBC Sport and IGN.

There’s currently no Netflix or LOVEFiLM, both of which are landing on Xbox One consoles as we speak, but these could arrive when the console finally launches in the UK next week.

BBC iPlayer had previously been available on all the next-generation consoles, and the BBC had said that it is working on an app for the Xbox One, but it’s not yet got an official release date.

YouTube has however beaten PS4 onto the Xbox One, launching alongside the console – something Sony could not boast with the PS4 since it went on sale one week ago over in the US.

We’ve reached out to the Beeb to check if we’re seeing things, or if it’s just a mistake and will update when we receive clarification.

Update: The BBC has confirmed that the PS4 will be receiving the iPlayer app from day one.

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