Portal and Half Life 2 now available on Google Play Store for the Nvidia Shield

Saqib Shah
May 12, 2014

Two behemoths of gaming, Portal and Half Life 2, are now available to play on the go via the Google Play Store.

Just a word of warning before all you Android users jump on your smartphones and tablets to download the hugely influential titles, they’re only compatible with the Android-powered Nvidia Shield portable gaming console.

This marks a real coup for Nvidia’s gaming device – which basically looks like a game controller with a screen tacked on that also allows for streaming from an Nvidia-powered PC – but whether or not it will lead to an increase in sales for the product remains to be seen.

More importantly, however, is the fact that the Shield versions of Portal and Half-Life 2 are running natively on the device, which means they’re just virtual controls away from running on tablets or phones with similar internals.

Therefore we could be about to see two of the most popular and critically acclaimed Valve titles of all time ported to a host of other Android devices in the near future.

Now that’s something worth getting excited about.


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