Gmail becomes the first Android app to cross one billion installs

Callum Tennent
May 13, 2014

With Google announcing its one billionth Android activation in September of 2013, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that Gmail has become the first Android app to breach one billion installs.

Gmail is Google’s own email client  – as such, it makes sense that it should be the app to reach such a monumental milestone. Not only is Gmail the web’s most popular email provider, thus warranting an awful lot of app downloads, but it also comes pre-installed on a vast majority of Android handsets (what with Android being owned by Google and all). So whilst it may exist on a billion devices the number of regular users is probably substantially lower.

Out of the apps pushing Gmail close, existing within the 500 million – one billion installs range, a further three belong to Google.  Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube have all enjoyed massive and predictable success, whilst Mark Zuckerberg’s prize assets Facebook and WhatsApp are also present. Facebook recently announced that it has 609 million daily active mobile users, so it could break the one billion app installs mark any day now.


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