Popular 3rd party keyboard SwiftKey is now totally free on Android, will be on iOS 8 too

Callum Tennent
June 11, 2014

One of the most popular third-party keyboards on Android, SwiftKey, is now entirely free to download.

Previously a free one-month trial was available, which would then set you back £2.99/$3.99 to purchase outright. Now though, the keyboard and all of its premium features are available completely gratis, forever.

But what of those loyal consumers who have already spent their hard earned cash on it? It’s hardly a negligible sum, especially in the world of apps. Well the chaps behind SwiftKey have thought of you, and you’ll get a gift for your commitment.

Those who have already purchased the full version of the keyboard will be granted 10 free themes, and other little bits of content, to customise the look of SwiftKey just how they like. Is it a nice gesture? Sure. Will everybody be pleased about it? Probably not. But it’s better than a lot of apps do when making the transition from premium to freemium.

We say ‘freemium’, because SwiftKey will still be monetised. Those themes and other miscellaneous features that previous customers are being given? That’s the new money-maker for SwiftKey.

This price change (and the gift for customers) will take effect as of SwiftKey’s latest update. It will also be receiving enhanced Emoji support (including predictive Emojis, somehow), the ability to add a row of  number keys to the top of the keyboard and all-round, back-of-house functionality improvement.

This news isn’t just relevant for Android users either. With the announcement that iOS 8 would be supporting third-party keyboards, SwiftKey promptly threw their hat into the ring. That means that come iOS 8’s general release later this year, iPhone and iPad users will be able to switch their keyboard up to SwiftKey completely free.


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