Popcorn time lets you torrent on iOS without jailbreak

Ben Rayner
April 9, 2015

Popcorn Time, the popular torrent app that allows you to easily stream pirated content on your pc or mobile device is now even easier for iOS users to get involved with. According to reports the service is now being made available through an app that, for the first time, doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone first!

If you’ve never heard of Popcorn time apart from when your friends exclaim it at your local cinema, the software gained popularity thanks to its easy way of streaming pirated movies. It’s a slightly grey area legally, due to it not technically being illegal as the app streams content that is found elsewhere on the internet.

The app has gotten so big in fact, its often been touted as a big threat to legitimate streaming services such as Netflix. The app was even referred to by Netflix themselves in a letter to shareholders which discussed the threat of piracy, with Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, expressing his opinion that Popcorn time was simply piracy and nothing more.


The original Popcorn Time service was closed in 2014 but has since been revived by a number of anonymous entities, including one clever enough to introduce a VPN option. Popcorn Time then quickly got its own iOS app but unfortunately, if you were itching to get your hands on it, jail-breaking your phone was the only way.

This is looking set to change as, according to a report from Torrent Freak’s blog, its been explained just how the developers figured a way around any potential blocks to get Popcorn Time on iOS devices, without the need for a jailbreak.

Obviously because of its questionable legality it’s not going to appear on the app store anytime soon, but the process is still relatively straightforward. Using a custom installer which works with Windows or Mac desktops, you’ll be able to connect your iOS device to said computer and follow a few simple instructions to get the app running on your device.

Should you choose to do so, is obviously entirely up to you, but this is yet another threat to Netflix crown.

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