Piano black iPhone 7 could debut

Manny Pham
September 5, 2016

A piano black iPhone 7 could be on the cards as Apple are expected to add to the colour roster. Space black is also rumoured to be making a come back. 

Your smartphone is your trusty companion and selecting the right colour to suit your everyday wear is not a decision to take lightly. The latest rumours are pointing to Apple expanding the present four colours already seen on the iPhone 6s, to five, with the addition of two new colours. Space grey will reportedly make way for either piano black or dark black.

The rumour has gained traction thanks to some leaked photos, supposedly fresh from the Foxconn factories in Shenzhen, China. The photos (below) reveal smuggled labels from the factory, detailing the paint being used on products being fashioned inside. According to @the_malignant the colours will be as mentioned, piano black and dark black.


piano black iphone 7


The dark black in question will most likely be officially unveiled as ‘space black,’ as we already see the colour as an option for the Apple Watch. Space black was cut from the roster when the iPhone 5s was launched, making 2012 the last time we saw the colour on an iPhone.

Fade to piano black

As for piano black, we should be expecting a glossy finish that will no doubt bounce off sunlight, comparable to Superman bouncing off bullets. A reputable analyst from KGI Securities speculates the piano black iPhone 7 will be kept to the larger memory models.

The final colour line-up could be: silver, gold, rose gold, dark black and piano black.

Plenty of rumours and leaks in the lead up to the grand unveiling, whether any of it is true will be revealed on September 7th. Stay tuned with What Mobile for more leaks and of course, the grand reveal.

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