iPhone 7 Plus benchmark reveals super powered phone

Manny Pham
September 5, 2016

Not long to go until one of the biggest events in the tech calendar is upon us. But until then, we have a leaked iPhone 7 Plus benchmark to show you.  

It’s a guarantee manufacturers will in some way make their next device quicker than the previous. The iPhone 7 is rumoured to be debuting a new chipset, the A10 processor. With the new chipset, predictions have stated the iPhone 7 will be have incredible processing power, and it looks like that might just be the case.

A Geekbench listing for a device dubbed ‘iPhone 9,3’ is speculated to be the iPhone 7 Plus. It impressively scored an average single-core score of 3379 and an average multi-core result of 5495.

In comparison the iPhone 6s Plus scored an average 2490 in single-core, and 4313 in our multi-core result. It nips at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s heels, which scored a whopping 6359 in multi-core results.

The iPhone 7 Plus benchmark also reveals a dual-core processor, despite rumours pointing to Apple doubling up to quad-core. Apple are expected to launch a device that blows everything out of the water, seeing as we’re on a refresh cycle, which Apple does every two years.

An experienced analyst dropped even more details about the iPhone 7, with a ‘Piano Black’ colour to be introduced, impressive camera features and Apple Watch-esque water resistance.

We’ll know more on September 7th, when Apple is holding a press event in San Francisco. Stay tuned with What Mobile for more information on Apple’s latest and greatest.

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