LG V20 might not be modular like the LG G5

Manny Pham
September 6, 2016

Eyewitness reports claim the LG V20 will not be modular like the LG G5, a move if true could spell the end of LG’s modular concept. 

We’re not too far away from the grand unveiling of the LG V20 in San Francisco. A lot of substantial official facts have been confirmed about the V20, by LG themselves. It will be the first Android device to run Android Nougat straight out of the box, a QDAC (quad digital audio converter) is in tow and the secondary screen returns.

What hasn’t been confirmed is whether the V20 will be ‘LG Friends’ compatible. LG received plaudits for ‘LG Friends’ gaining awards for the unique concept. However ‘LG Friends’ failed to drive sales of the G5, evident with the Korean manufacturer posting losses in its smartphone division. Subsequently, LG fired executives in its smartphone division to refresh plans.

LG V20 could have a removable battery

CNET Korea reports the LG V20 will not support the modular design, conflicting with leaked renders of the device that claim otherwise. CNET Korea produced renders from eye witness description, that show the V20 with a bottom that can be removed, which was assumed to be for modules. But apparently it’s to offer users flexibility and choice, by offering a removable battery.

The report also speaks of a removable back that opens from the left that could also be for the battery, which brings up the question of, what is the removable bottom for?

It could be for microSD cards and SIM cards, but that much spaced dedicated for such simple features is overkill.

LG will announce the V20 tonight at 2am (BST). Stay with What Mobile for more information as we get it.

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