OLED to become standard in Smart Watches

Ben Rayner
April 10, 2015

OLED will soon be industry standard on all smart watches according to expert.

Speaking with Trusted Reviews, VP of Technology Commercialisation at UDC, Janice Mahon, explained that she thinks the technology industry will all go to OLED as their display standard.

We firmly believe that OLEDs will be the technology of choice for wearables and other applications where power consumption is a key driver. OLED technology for the consumer market today is certainly better than LCD technology, but we still have tremendous runway to continue to improve the power efficiency of OLEDs in the future.”

Of course, considering that UDC is one of the leaders in OLED development, producing displays on Samsung’s handsets including the latest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, so perhaps Mahon’s opinion wont come as any surprise.

Currently, all existing smart watches utilise a wide range of displays from OLED and LCD to e-ink. With the Apple Watch using OLED as well as its benefits such as increased power efficiency and the ability to display true black (something LCD cannot) Mahon may well be right.

It’s a shame then, that OLED displays are still much more expensive than any of its competitors, which will no doubt lead to manufacturers opting to look elsewhere in an effort to keep costs down.

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