Samsung happy to see Apple Watch

Ben Rayner
April 10, 2015

You’re excited for the Apple Watch and so are Samsung!

While the entire world is currently going crazy about the Apple Watch, it seems that Samsung are also jumping for joy at the news of Apple entering the world of wearable technology.

Samsung VP for mobile in Europe, Rory O’Neill, told CNBC that the company are extremely happy to see Apple following them into the world of smart watches. Sounding like a bit of a backhanded compliment it seems, implying Apple are actually followers, not leaders. At least, thats how you could take it.

O’Neill said:

“Great competitors offer great things to consumers and the fact that there are so many great competitors in this space mean that there is absolutely a market. I mean, that’s what it tells you.”

“It’s with great delight that Apple has followed us into that market.”

Of course he has a point, having Apple throw their hat into the ring will only make Android manufacturers up their game, as the market has currently gone somewhat stale.

Samsung in fact we’re eager to rush out their Galaxy Gear at the mere whisper of Apple releasing an ‘iWatch’. Managing to get their device into stores first, Six in fact, before Apple officially announced any plans.

Now, only time will tell who comes out on top. All though an educated guess leans towards Apple topping the bill.

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