Apple Watch can withstand power drill! No scratches!

Ben Rayner
April 10, 2015

Apple Watch buyers needn’t fear or bother buying additional screen protectors, thanks to a scratch test video.

Apple Watch pre-orders kicked off online today but while its already hugely popular, some of us clumsier tech lovers (myself included) are still all too weary of just how easy it’ll bee to add scuffs, scratches and cracks to the beautiful designed display.

Tim Cook was eager to tout how durable the new watch would be during its initial unveiling, but how does it stack up in real life?

Well, the good people over at iPhonefixed have just released a video of them stress testing one of the Apple Watch 38mm Sapphire screens. If you can bare to watch, they put the screen through its paces against everything from keys and coins to a hammer and drill, seemingly shrugging off every encounter as if it were simply a screen wipe!

Backing up Apple and Tim Cook’s promotion of the Apple Watch display, as a completely scratch resistant solution.

The less costly Apple Watch Sport features a different, ION-x glass display which wasn’t tested, so it remains to be seen just how well this model will stand up to the same pressure.

Check out the video here and see for yourself!

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