Apple spend a staggering $38 million in advertising the Apple Watch

Ben Rayner
April 10, 2015

It seems Apple is keen to see its new Watch do well, after forking over a huge $38 million in advertising!

According to Reuters at least, who have quoted stats taken from, an advertising monitoring company.

It’s a small sum when you consider that the tech giant is worth a reported $733 Billion so its clearly not going to cause any ripples in their bank account. It is however a shocking amount for the single month of advertising it paid for.

While this is a huge sum of money, as this is Apples first step into an entirely new line of technology it really doesn’t come as any surprise that they would throw everything they could into the mix in order to guarantee its success on launch.

While pre-orders are open today, it’s already looking like a long wait before you get your hands on the shiny new device as almost all editions have an estimated shipping time of 4-6 weeks, with the Apple Watch Sport not being dispatched until June.

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