Five new cities getting O2 and Vodafone’s 4G coverage

Jamie Feltham
September 26, 2013

Earlier, told EE informed us that they’d added 4G connectivity to 12 new towns across the UK. Now O2 and Vodafone are getting in on the action, adding more coverage to UK cities in the coming days. Both companies will be giving the gift of speedy connections to Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield.

O2 gets the ball rolling tomorrow, bringing its total coverage to eight cities, with plans for another five additions by the end of the year. The new cities have the option of signing up to 4G for £26 a month under the network.

Vodafone will move the day after on September 28th with the five new cities being added to its roster on top of London. The company also confirmed that its hoping to push 4G in Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester by the end of October, with the end goal being 98 percent coverage by 2015 (putting it somewhere in line with EE’s own ambitions).

Obviously these networks aren’t catching up with EE’s total coverage just yet, but it’s a lead that the company can only maintain for so long.

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