Nokia and Adidas partner for miCoach fitness app

Jamie Feltham
September 26, 2013

There are more fitness apps running around mobile industry at the moment than we care to count, but Nokia and Adidas are hoping to grab Lumia owner’s attention with miCoach, a collaboration between the two companies that launches today.

miCoach comes with a few tweaks to the usual sports app formula. First up is integration with Nokia Music, giving you access to your playlists from actually within the app, so you can keep the beat while you run and break the acoustic for when you slow down.   There’s also Bluetooth support that links you to a heart rate monitor to help regulate your work out. American football (or soccer) player Omar Gonzalez will provide voice training to keep you motivated, and you’ll also be able to track routes and share them with your friends using your devices GPS.

Outside of the app, the miCoach live tile will keep track of your targets and progress, helping to keep things accessible without even opening the app itself. A whole host of exercise delights, then.

The app launches on the Windows Phone store today. Right now it’s compatible with just the Lumia 520, 620 and 720, although support for the line’s higher-end products is incoming once they incorporate Bluetooth SMART support.

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