O2 Priority Moments comes to BlackBerry 10 devices

Jordan O'Brien
August 6, 2013

Whilst Android, iOS and even Windows Phone users have enjoyed an O2 Priority Moments app since the service launched, BB10 users have had to wait until today before they too got access to O2’s discount service.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to Blackberry users that O2 has delivered its app to BB10 users, with the company having previously built an app for the Blackberry Platform, but for the legacy versions of the software.

If you haven’t used O2 Priority Moments before then it’s  essentially  a service for O2 customers which gives you offers for places in your area. Deals that can be found include discount coupons for Odeon, WH Smith and many more retailers, meaning you’re likely to always find a great deal available.

Rather than be a straight up port of the Android version, this does seem like it has been designed for BB10, with many of the things you would expect from the Android edition missing — including Priority Prizes.

BB10’s app catalog hasn’t been growing at a particularly fast rate, with more app announcements being made for rival platforms than Blackberry’s own.

Blackberry is pinning its hopes on the 10.2 update, which should make the OS feel a little more like Android, bringing improved performance and new visual notifications.

The update has already leaked, although we don’t yet have official word on a release date.

If you want to download the O2 Priority Moments app, you can do so by clicking here or scanning the QR code below.


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