Note 7 with 6GB RAM only in China

Manny Pham
August 12, 2016

Samsung are set to release the Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB RAM and 128Gb of storage capacity in China, but its not coming to the UK. 

The Galaxy Note 7 was rumoured to sport 6GB of RAM to get ahead of rivals and match the OnePlus 3 in terms of multitasking prowess. In the official unveiling a 6GB RAM model was nowhere to be found, instead a 4GB model was announced, accompanied by 64GB of storage. Now the new premium model is going to see a roll out, but only to China.

Samsung Mobile Chief, DJ Koh, confirmed to The Korea Herald the manufacturer are reviewing the roll out of its new device in China. Its not the RAM the Chinese market is after as Koh stated in China, manufacturers are “aggressively doing marketing with high-capacity memory.” So it looks like those in the UK, US and Australia are set to miss out on the upgraded Galaxy Note 7. According to DisplayMate, the Galaxy Note 7 has the best smartphone display ever.

6GB RAM competition

Profits for the Korean giants have been dropping for the past three years due to competition from the likes of OnePlus and ZTE, who saw their stock steadily rising. Giving the Chinese market what they want is an obvious move to consolidate power, but what about us Samsung?

You can now pre-order the 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage Galaxy Note 7 right now. Pre-ordering now will bag you a free upgraded Samsung Gear VR, which was announced alongside the Note 7. It will be released on September 2nd.

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