Moto G 16GB going for less than £135 at Tesco, but already sold out

Jamie Feltham
November 21, 2013

Is that £135 price tag on the Moto G still too much for you? Even with our review from earlier? Well Tesco are offering it at £129. But take note, this is the Moto G 16GB version of the device that’s usually priced at £160. So it’s kind of a mega bargain. The only problem? It’s already sold out, as the site says.

So what about the 8GB version? Well, CNET reported it going for a staggering £99 SIM-free, saving you £35 on the device that kinda already saves you a fair bit. The only problem? You guessed it – sold out too.

So why tell you? Well it’s worth keeping an eye on, as it could be back in stock on this price pre-Christmas. A Moto G 16GB for £129? That’s the holiday season sorted for cheap.

Source: CNET

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