Google Middle-Earth – new chrome experiment launched

Jamie Feltham
November 21, 2013

Like using Google Maps? Is it just a bit too down to earth for you? Well how about the same idea for but The Lord of the Ring’s Middle-Earth?

Yep, Google has released ‘Journey through Middle-Earth’, a Chrome Experiment that lets you tour Tolkien’s creation, based on the locations found in The Hobbit films. You can take a look at it here, and we have a trailer up above.

Seeing as its rooted in the newer films, you can’y venture to some of the more memorable set-pieces from the original trilogy right now. Sorry, but Helm’s Deep is out. However you can still head to the likes of Rivendell and click around environments to explore and find out more things about them. It all comes in time for the second Hobbit flick, The Desolation of Smaug, due out in cinemas soon.

Hopefully this idea will grow in time and we’ll have all of Middle-Earth at our fingertips.

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