Moga Ace Power controller for iPhone leaks, has own battery

Jamie Feltham
October 28, 2013

The Moga Ace Power game controller for iPhone and iPod Touches has leaked. We’re not the biggest fans of dedicated controllers for mobiles, but this one does have a few interesting points about it.

EV Leaks has a pictured of the thing (above).It features the regular d-pad and face buttons, but also includes analog nubs, ideal for the likes of first person shooters. The layout even places them like you’d find them on an Xbox 360 controller.

Most interesting? There’s a 1800mAh battery installed, meaning it runs off of its own power and won’t drain your device. In fact if can even charge the phone as you play, which is a huge plus.

It’s a rather big fit, and only runs with iOS7, but it’s nice to see these accessories making a few leaps forward. It’s built for the iPhone 5 and beyond, which include the fifth-generation iPod touch.

No word on when the Moga Ace Power will officially launhc, but stay tuned.

Source: EV Leaks

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