Minecraft: Pocket Edition coming to Windows Phone confirms Mojang

Saqib Shah
October 13, 2014

Although Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft creator Mojang made it an inevitability, it has now in fact been confirmed that the mobile port of the game is coming to Windows Phone.

Despite concern within some sectors of the games industry over the nature of Microsoft’s $2.5 bn buyout of the indie developer, the arrival of Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Windows Phone should please the mobile gaming-deprived owners of Microsoft handsets.

Mojang developers Jens Bergensten and Tomamaso Checci broke the news on Twitter, claiming that although the port is up and running it still requires additional modifications before it can be released on the Windows Phone Store. Checci’s tweet (see below) shows the Minecraft app icon on a Nokia Lumia phone.

Meanwhile, Mojang’s aggressive expansion plans are currently underfoot. Minecraft launches on the PS Vita in North America tomorrow and on 15 October in Europe.

Mojang COO Vu Bui also recently elaborated on the developer’s plans to bring the company’s multi-million dollar property to the big screen. Speaking to The Guardian, Vui stated that Mojang had teamed with Warner Bros and the producers of The Lego Movie to turn Minecraft into a large-budget film. The project is currently in development and isn’t expected to hit cinemas for two-to three years at least.

Minecraft has thus far sold 54 million copies across all platforms. The mobile port of the game is already available on Android and iOS devices.

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