Miitomo is done, we need real games Nintendo

Manny Pham
May 26, 2016

Recent figures from SurveyMonkey Intelligence reveals dwindling numbers for Nintendo’s first smartphone app game. 

Miitomo wasn’t really a game, it was a social media scheme in the guise of a game. There’s nothing wrong with that, we just wished it was more Mario than Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. In Miitomo users would ask each other questions to earn currency which can then be used to purchase new clothes. Miitomo relied heavily on the social element – you need friends to actually ‘progress’ through this quasi game.

SurveyMonkey Intelligence compiled a new data survey that suggest only 2.5 million, of the original 10 million who downloaded Miitomo, are still actively playing.


Miitomo peaked at number one in both the Google Play Store and Apple Apple Store, it shows having a big name does not guarantee retention of players.

The survey also showed those who still play the game are only doing so 2.3 times a week. Clash Royale is played 4.2 times a week and 3.3 times for Candy Crush Saga.

The data was compiled from a sample of group of smartphone users in the US, which was then extrapolated to the rest of the world. Actual figures may differ significantly from this average result.

While they may not be official figures, we can understand if the numbers are somewhat close as Miitomo is basically, not that good. We got in contact with Nintendo for a comment, but there seems to be no one in the office.

Things aren’t all bleak as Nintendo are bringing Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to smartphones before the end of the year.

There’s a Fire Emblem clone already out, showing that it can be done well. Check out our apps round up to download it.

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