Microsoft Q2 -$24.52 billion in revenue, more

Jamie Feltham
January 24, 2014

It’s time for our next round of quarterly results, and Microsoft Q2 is kicking things off.

The company announced some $24.52 billion in revenue for the holiday season. When you take costs out of that you’re left with $6.56 billion in profit.

While Windows Phone was barely touched upon, Microsoft did tout near-double sales of the the Surface tablets. Sales of the devices rose from $400 million to $893 million. The overall Devices and Consumer group made $11.91 billion.

We’re not quite sure how the release of the company’s Xbox One factored into the results. Given it hit the market in November it might be that Microsoft needs more time to turn a profit on that one.

So that’s Microsoft Q2. How will other companies fare?

Source: CNBC

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