Microsoft overtakes Apple as America’s ‘most inspiring company’

Jamie Feltham
October 2, 2013

Earlier this week Apple became the world’s most valuable brand, bringing Coca-Cola’s 13-year winning streak to an end. But now it’s the iPhone maker that’s suffered a loss, this time as the hands of Microsoft.

Performance Inspired’s annual top 25 most inspiring companies in America list has been published for 2013, and Apple has been dethroned from its past two years on top, with the business that brought us Windows taking its place. A pretty interesting shift, given this week’s earlier news.

The results stem from an online survey in which nearly 5,000 customers participated. Research is measured by how highly a consumer base might praise a company, and said company’s ability to get consumers to pay for their products. On the Microsoft end, the company was recognised for its philanthropic work, for which the company has raised over $1 billion and donated to over 31,000 charities over the past 30 years. The company recently bid farewell to CEO Steve Ballmer.

Apple meanwhile fell to the twelfth spot, which is quite a drop. Google finds itself happily placed in seventh, although this is also a little lower than we expected for the company that came second in the brands value list.

Tech companies seem to dominate these lists more and more, but what will Apple have to do to regain the leading position?

Source: Forbes

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