LG tease upcoming V10 Smartphone in new video

Thomas Wellburn
September 24, 2015

A new teaser for the upcoming V10 smartphone has appeared on the official LG YouTube page.

We’ve seen a few rumours about this upcoming ‘dual screen’ phone from LG and now it seems the company has made it official with a new teaser. LG has just unveiled a short fifteen second promo clip of the upcoming V10 smartphone with October 1st listed as a potential reveal date.

While no hardware specs are currently confirmed, the LG V10 is expected to include a smaller news ticker display at the top of the device next to the camera sensor. Inside, it’s rumoured to include the same Snapdragon 808 which is currently found in the LG G4. The main screen is expected to be a 5.7-inch Quad HD panel, while the rear camera will be a hefty 16 megapixels. The front camera curiously looks like it has two sensors, which may mean dual focusing capabilities. It also looks like there could be a fingerprint scanner on board, as indicated by the circular ring on the rear volume rocker.

LG is definitely trying something new with this one and we eagerly await October 1st to see what they come up with.

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