Leaks on Sony’s upcoming lens cameras

Alan O'Doherty
August 13, 2013

Sony are bucking the trend among mobile manufacturers by developing attachable lens cameras for use with mobile devices, a new leak has confirmed.

While manufacturers like Samsung and Nokia are locked in arms race to provide higher and higher spec in-built cameras like the recently launched Lumia 1020 Sony have taken a different approach, developing detachable lens cameras that are able to replace the inbuilt camera on a device but still rely on a smartphone to work.

A leak yesterday courtesy of Sony Alpha Rumours revealed the first high-res images of the DSC-QX10 and the DSC-QX100, the ‘lens-cameras’ Sony are preparing to launch, along with a list of specs. The devices will work with Android and iOS handsets, include an SD card slot and will be controlled via wifi or near-field-communication.

Don’t expect to get these lens cameras for a bargain though; in the images we can see the lenses the devices use aren’t cheap. Based on the prices for the lenses and sensors visible in the pics we might expect the QX10 to retail at around $400 ( £260) while the QX100 should set you back about $600 ( £390).

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