Apple $10 trade-in rolling out the UK, CA, AU, FR, DE and JP

Jordan O'Brien
August 13, 2013

If you thought that the US and China were the only ones getting access to the cheap trade-in program of third-party chargers then Apple has news for you, with it rolling out to the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Prices for the UK have been reduced from £15 to just £8 when trading in your third-party charger meaning if you want to pick up a cheap adapter  for your iOS device — now is the time.

In Australia the price is $14 AUD, Canada is $11 CAD, France and Germany are both ‚¬10 and Japan will cost 1,000 yen.

No word on whether any other countries will be getting the trade-in program, but Apple is obviously trying to stop any more electrocutions from taking place.

The same caveats apply, with one charger per device — meaning you can’t go stockpiling cheap adapters.

Source: 9to5 Mac via  Engadget

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