iPad Air five times more popular than iPad 4?

Jordan O'Brien
November 4, 2013

When Apple announced the iPad 4, it was done as a sidenote on top of an otherwise packed press conference. With the iPad Air, it was pretty much the same with the Mac taking centre stage, but at least the iPad Air has managed to garner some traction in the days since release — with Fiksu reporting that adoption is five times higher in the days since release than with the iPad 4.

As with all Apple launches, the biggest spike was in the first days of release, with the iPad Air managing to take up 0.83 per cent of all iPads in just three days, whereas the iPad 4 barely managed 0.15 per cent of all iPad usage, whereas the iPad Mini didn’t exactly set alight the Apple community, with just 0.22 per cent of all iPads in the days after its launch.

You may think it’s strange that the iPad Air, which isn’t majorly different from any other iPad currently on the market, has garnered such a reaction — but it’s clear that the Apple faithful have eaten up the thinner and faster device.

Source: TechCrunch

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