iPad 5 looks a lot like the iPad Mini, shown off in video

Jordan O'Brien
September 4, 2013

The iPad 5 has been given the hands-on treatment from YouTuber Unbox Therapy, who has gotten his hands on what he claims to be the next generation iPad.

If this is indeed the iPad 5, then we’ll be seeing a device that is a lot similar to the iPad Mini, and the photos we saw leaked earlier this year.

The iPad 5 looks to be losing some of the heft bezel, making it an all round narrower device, measuring 17cm, compared to the iPad 4’s 18.5cm.

Tapered edges are also now a thing of the past for the iPad, with the iPad 5 receiving more boxed edges much like the iPad Mini.

The volume buttons have also received an update, being separated from one another rather than just one continuous bar — and speakers will also receive a huge upgrade on the bottom of the device.

The new design is apparently a lot easier to hold — with the video uploader holding the entire device in one hand, although we have a feeling it’s just because of his large hands, given our inability to hold the iPad Mini comfortably in one hand.

Apple is likely to unveil the iPad 5 at an event later this year, and not the September 10 event it announced yesterday.

Via: The Verge

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