iPad 5 to get click-in keyboards?

Jordan O'Brien
October 21, 2013

Apple could be about to borrow heavily from Microsoft’s Surface line, despite the line making a $900m loss. According to ex-Apple employee and industry commentator Jamie Ryan, Apple plans on launching iPad keyboard cover which will work similar to those found on the Surface line of tablets.

Ryan says that Apple has been working on the covers for quite a while although rather than clipping in directly to the iPad, like on the Surface line, it will apparently be powered by Bluetooth 4.0.

If you’re hoping to get a Keyboard cover for the iPad Mini, then you may be left disappointed, with Ryan claiming that Apple will try and market the larger iPad and keyboard cover to professional users — and leave the iPad Mini for the casual consumer.

TouchID is already rumoured to be coming to both the full-sized iPad and the iPad Mini, but could we be seeing yet more features ready for tomorrow’s unveiling?

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