Huawei P9 picture revealed to be DSLR snap

Manny Pham
July 5, 2016

A seemingly Huawei P9 picture was published on Huawei’s Google+ account, alluding to be snapped by the Huawei P9. It wasn’t, it was taken on a £3,700 camera set-up. 

Huawei published the picture in question on their Google+ account, making it seem like it was the Huawei P9 that captured the attractive person. Google+ doesn’t get much love from the masses, so Huawei’s social media team can be forgive for not knowing that Google+ retains the camera’s EXIF metadata in any image you post.

Looking at the image you can immediately see it’s a picture that steam rolls every picture EVER taken on a smartphone. The depth of field is ridiculous, although Huawei talked up on how ‘shallow depth of field’ allows users to manipulate this in post-production, it’s noticeably too good.

Every picture ever taken on a smartphone to be used for marketing purposes, has had a touch up on Photoshop, but too much Photoshop can be quite noticeable. Editing has taken place here, with the sun shining so incandescently, colour correction was put into action. The lens flair is one for personal opinion, but here I think it works.

It’s the detail in her hair that makes it quite obvious that it’s not a Huawei P9 picture, there’s no noise with too much detail.

Back to the EXIF metadata – from scanning the metadata (below) you can see the exact camera  and lens used to produce the picture above.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 17.31.41


A Canon 5D Mark II will set you back £1,910 (body only) on Amazon. As for the lens you’re looking at an almost similar price of £1,772.

Here is Huawei’s accompanying message with the picture:

“We managed to catch a beautiful sunrise with Deliciously Ella. The #HuaweiP9’s dual Leica cameras makes taking photos in low light conditions like this a pleasure. Reinvent smartphone photography and share your sunrise pictures with us. #OO.”

Reading into the message Huawei didn’t explicitly say the picture was from a P9, but they did certainly allude to it. Genius marketing.

Huawei released this statement to The Verge:

“It has recently been highlighted that an image posted to our social channels was not shot on the Huawei P9. The photo, which was professionally taken while filming a Huawei P9 advert, was shared to inspire our community. We recognize though that we should have been clearer with the captions for this image. It was never our intention to mislead. We apologize for this and we have removed the image.”

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