HTC One A9 advert releases online

Thomas Wellburn
November 5, 2015

HTC has dropped a new advert for the One A9 and there’s more than a hint of irony about it.

It’s common knowledge that Apple took inspiration for the iPhone 6 from HTC, not vice versa. Still, I couldn’t help but snigger at some of the claims made in the video. Whether you like it or not, the new One A9 does look very similar to an iPhone 6 and it’s a risky design decision considering how under-fire the company already is. Rather than trying to push the strengths of the device, the company seems to be pushing an idea of ‘dare to be different’. Considering that it doesn’t really do anything new versus the competition, the claim is perhaps a little false. The whole thing ends up feeling a bit of a fail from a marketing perspective, with the two primary features largely ignored. The camera and audio only got mentioned in the latter half of the advert, whereas they perhaps should have been mentioned more.

Check out the video for yourself and see what you think. Comments below!

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