Xiaomi struggle for 3D Touch suppliers

Manny Pham
November 5, 2015

Xiaomi are playing catch up with the likes of Apple as they look a 3D Touch partnership for future smartphones. 

It’s only natural that Xiaomi would want to include 3D Touch as rivalling OEMs like Apple and Huawei have done so.

But Xiaomi are not willing to pay the high prices that new modules usually go for. A source claims that Xiaomi are asking for the parts at production cost with promise for market exposure.

Xiaomi operate of small profit margins, which explains the bargaining for 3D Touch. The vibration motor of 3D Touch cost three times as much as a traditional module. It seems that to play catch up, Xiaomi will have to raise prices.

Or they can simply not offer the new feature and either hope it fades as a fad (3D on TVs) or wait for the parts to be cheaper and include them later.

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