HTC confirm the painful price of the Vive

Manny Pham
March 2, 2016

HTC has finally confirmed the pricing of the Vive virtual reality system, and it was hard to swallow.

HTC revealed the virtual reality set at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. At which HTC confirmed the pricing of the Vive at $799 for release in the US. At the time of writing it works out to be roughly £568.

The official UK price for retail is a jaw dropping £689.

We need to bear in mind tax and import fees affect the price by a quite a margin, but it was always going to be a significant amount for this impressive new piece of tech. Pre-orders for the Vive can be made right now with units expected to ship April 5th. To soften the blow for those wanting to get their hands on one, HTC will bundle three VR experiences with the consumer edition.

Tilt Brush is designed by Google and has you smearing paint in the world around you, creating your own works of art. Job Simulator is a funny game where you take on different jobs with hilarious set pieces. Lastly, Fantastic Contraption has you building machines and vehicles in a 3D space.

For more on HTC, visit What Mobile’s dedicated HTC page. 

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